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2018, August Caroline's Summer Newsletter ~ Make Time for Yourself! By: Caroline Sutherland




Summer 2018 Newsletter


Hello Everyone –


I can just imagine you on your summer vacation, camping, visiting friends and family and I hope you are having fun!

Summer is my favorite time: boating, visiting my family at their cabin, catching up with friends, and the top of my list – swimming in the ocean, which brings me immense joy and offers an elemental connection to nature. It also stretches me and makes me stronger. I feel free in the ocean!


Have you considered your own needs lately? What brings you joy? What actions have you taken towards becoming your best self? You’ve heard it before, place the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others. We can best tend our aspirations and highest good when we are physically and emotionally well. I have been devoted to teaching this for over 30 years. In the past, I could not imagine retiring from the work I am so passionate about. Now that I have announced retirement on my 75th birthday in March of 2019, I fully intend to celebrate the optimum health I have been nurturing. Believe me, I feel great! I am very happy and looking forward to this special time in my life.


Summer is a perfect time to reflect, relax and regroup. Your health and well-being is precious, let’s get to work on YOU before I retire! Here are some things to consider for the fall. Enjoy the rest your summer!



The Fall Line-up


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This two-hour intensive teleconference replays will be emailed to you. The first hour is devoted to information and education regarding the components of successful weight loss and not one of them is calorie counting! Then, the balance of the program is devoted to weight and health questions.


·     A Mini-Reading half-hour personal consultation with Caroline - Value $199

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Monday Radio Show and Teleconferences


·     Radio Shows Teleconferences will resume LIVE on Monday September 10, 2018


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Summer Reading ~ Books I Like


Dig into a couple of good books. At first, I was reluctant to read this book – you know how I feel about novels – but I was intrigued. I met some people at the Outstation – where we all take our boats and tie up for the weekend. The subject of favorite books came up in conversation. That’s when I heard about Copper Mine by Keith Ross Leckie. This is a historical novel based on the story of Jesuit priests in the Arctic Circle who were murdered by two Inuit men in 1913. Then the Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent an RCMP officer and an Inuit translator on a year-long journey to find the culprits. The trial made big news with reporters traveling from Europe and England to cover the story. The book held my attention and I learned a lot about survival in the Arctic and the practices of an Inuit Shaman.



Then another friend told me about No Way Home: A Memoir of Life on the Run by Tyler Wetherall.


Tyler had lived in fifteen houses and five countries by the time she was nine. She didn't think this was strange until Scotland Yard showed up in her bucolic English village, and she discovered her family had been living a lie. Her father was a fugitive and their family name was an alias.

They had been living in California back in 1983 when the Feds originally caught up with her Dad – that was the year Tyler was born. If you were captivated by North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person you will be stunned by this memoir. 





On a spiritual level, I am appreciating the book Falling Upward by Jesuit Priest Richard Rohr. My spiritual study group will be reading and discussing this book in September. Richard Rohr has a daily online meditation which I find very helpful.


Quote – this is good to repeat:

All shall be well, all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

- Julian of Norwich 1342:



The Instant Pot Craze


The hardest ingredient to find for any weeknight recipe is time. Tuesdays after work just don’t have a lot of it, and it’s not as if you can order it online, writes Melissa Clark of the New York Times.


The Instant Pot was developed by a Canadian company in 2009, and is taking the country by storm. It serves as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/searing pan, steamer and warming pot all in one small electric appliance. You can cook a tender and juicy whole chicken in just 25 minutes. This is definitely not your mother’s pressure cooker!


My assistant Trinka is working remotely while on the road with her husband who is a touring orchestra musician with Broadway Across America musicals. She had been struggling to put healthy clean meals on the table, especially while staying in hotels. Trinka explains the Instant Pot has elevated their travel life and saves them the high cost of eating out. “It’s easy, convenient, healthy and super fast!” There are multitudes of social media groups to tap into for support and yummy meal ideas. Her favorite recipes? Lemon chicken soup and Caroline’s turkey meatballs, of course!




Summer Salad Recipe Idea





Add a diced fresh peach or fresh pear slices to your summer salad





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