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2017, January Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland

Winter 2017 Newsletter 
Happy Winter!
Add More Fun to Your Life!

Greetings Everyone!

How is your winter going? How are your New Year's Resolutions working out? It is hard to believe that we have already lived through two months of 2017! Where has the time gone! This month we're going to focus on living well, being your best, following your heart, and doing fun things. I started out the New Year with three resolutions: Quality of Life, Peace of Mind and Having More Fun! So far I have to say that I am on track with all of them.  How about you?

Many blessings, 


I Love to Sing!

Last weekend I had such a fun time in a gospel singing
Good Noise Choir
weekend. If you like gospel music - take a weekend workshop and sing out those tunes with a massed choir! What a thrill. I even had a short solo part for - In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin'! That weekend workshop fit in with my resolution to have more fun! Health is being happy!

I Love to Read!

I finally got through a novel - and you know I don't read novels. All The Light You Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, held my attention while the plot twisted and turned right to the end. Voted one of the 10 best New Your Times book picks.

As well, I enjoyed a great book by Chip and Joanna Gaines of Waco, Texas and their "Fixer Upper" projects. I get inspired by these two fun people who take old, tired homes - real fixer uppers, and make them beautiful. Magnolia is a book about their lives, how they started with nothing and created a thriving business through their imagination and teamwork. Creating keeps us healthy! 

I Love to Make Spaces Beautiful!

I started the New Year with a creative idea - to sprinkle a little yellow around my home. Yellow is cheerful and uplifting. I took an old rattan patio table which was painted black and transformed it into a cheerful yellow with a simple coat of semi-gloss paint. I added new yellow toss cushions to the couch - and voila a cheerful transformation to lift myspirits. Color brings us joy!

I Love Classical Music!

Just to tune out the news, I have really enjoyed listening to a lot more classical music. I am a monthly donor to Classic King FM in Seattle Washington. I am grateful to my parents who raised all of us kids on classical music. On weekend mornings, my father would put on a stack of vinyl and we grew up with Bach, Beethoven, Strauss and so many great composers. I have memories of my mother making breakfast and the strains of this beautiful music resonating through our house. Those memories serve me well now. Music inspires!

I Love Stories for Children

For the past several months, I have enjoyed reading and recording stories for my grandchildren. My younger daughter, her family with two young children live about two hours away. This is a way where I can read them bedtime stories. As soon I have recorded the story I send my daughter the link. Then after the children are bathed and in their pyjamas, its story time with Gran! I've read the classic children's stories as well as the life stories of famous inventors who have changed the world.  Now I am reading the wonderful story of Anne of Green Gables about an orphan girl who was raised by an elderly couple on a small farm in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Reading to your grandchildren is magical!

I Love to Teach!

My classes continue to be important learning tools for so many. This spring, I am offering my Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner Training on March 18 and 19. If you are a practitioner and you'd like to add an important piece to your health coaching business - you'll be amazed at your success with your clients when you become a Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner. We are offering special rates for people who have taken my Medical Intuitive Training at some point in the past and would now like to take the VGB training. Please call our office at 360-305-1402 if you'd like to take advantage of this special offer.


Take advantage of a mini-readings special - Book a mini-reading now and for a limited time it will include my Spring Detox Program (with a Visioning segment) which starts on Wednesday April 19! 

Teaching brings fulfillment!

I Love Movies

I was raised on good film. We had two theatres in our small town but the movies were limited in content and scope. My parents started a film group and ordered international films for showings once a month - quite a novel idea in those days.  Of course, not all of the films were suitable for young children, but I remember being captivated and spell-bound by the ones that were. My movie fav so far this year is LION a story about a five year-old-boy in India who becomes lost when he is separated from his brother. He has a series of harrowing experiences before being adopted by a couple in Australia.  Twenty-five years later, after a number of fruitless searches for his family, he is finally reunited with his birth mother in India. This is a true story and I recommend this film. Movies can expand our horizons!

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