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Detox Practitioner Training! SOLD OUT


Join Caroline's Detox Practitioner Training and Conduct Your Own 7 Day Detox Program! 

This is the workshop you've been looking for - Caroline Sutherland's two-hour Detox Practitioner Training! Join Caroline via teleconferrence on Sunday January 20 from 9am to 11am Pacific Time where she'll discuss the components of conducting a successful 7 Day Detox Program. If you are a Health Coach, Nutritional Consultant, or Health and Wellness Practitioner - this program is for you!

Caroline is a master health coach and teacher with over 36 years of experience in the health and wellness field! Let her share her experience of running successful detox programs - for the past 20 years!

 In this training you will learn:

  • How to choose the correct foods for a detox program.
  • Why your clients have cravings and how to stop them.
  • The key reason behind your clients fatigue and low energy.
  • How to test for thyroid function.
  • How pesky carbs can add to belly fat and rob energy.
  • Which foods cause fluid retention.
  • How to get your clients eating habits under control and how to take them to a whole new level of wellness.

The first half of the intensive will be devoted to Detox Program specifics and the second half is devoted to your questions! Get the insight, get the handouts and join the intensive!

Cost: $49.95 before January 11, $69.95 after January 11

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