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Medical Intuitive Training - SOLD OUT


Online Training

October 20 - 21, 2018

Join Caroline Sutherland's Signature

Online Medical Intuitive Training!

Limited to 25 Participants!

Caroline Sutherland, best selling author, health expert and Medical Intuitive presents a two day intensive online Training in Medical Intuition.

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Questions Call our office: 360-305-1402

Dates: October 20 and 21,  2018 Time: Saturday 9am - 5pm PT, and Sunday 9am - 5pm PT

Cost: $425 


Join us for this special opportunity to study with best selling author and medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland.

This online course is designed to familiarize the practitioner and the lay person with some of the ways that intuition comes to us, and to personalize these instincts to better assist ourselves and our clients.

Medical intuition is a potent form of inner wisdom that is our birthright. Intuition comes to us as inner knowing - a revelation, a gut hunch, a physical feeling, sensation or realization. Intuition is not dependent on the rational mind. Medical Intuition is not just the domain of a few gifted people. Everyone has the ability to see the body with “new eyes” - and to “feel” instinctively - what may be out of balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Join Caroline Sutherland - one of today’s most sought-after medical intuitives for this intensive two day training as you enhance your own intuitive process and learn to trust your instincts while exploring one of the most exciting areas in alternative medicine.


  • Honing the intuition – accessing intuitive impressions
  • “Tuning in” to body parts and processes
  • How to “read” imbalanced systems
  • Recognizing visual signs of imbalance
  • Understanding the 7 key problem areas
  • How to “tune in” to children and the elderly
  • The assessment of food allergies and sensitivities
  • The identification of environmental factors
  • Chemical sensitivities and electromagnetic sensitivities
  • Hormone balancing
  • Simple methods of muscle testing and self-testing
  • The emotional and spiritual components of illness
  • How to stay out of the “cancer zone”
  • Understanding and redirecting the “subconscious death process”
  • The use of photographs to identify and correct imbalances

And much more.

*Please have 3 snap-shot size photographs (actual photos) available to work with during the training.

People Are Saying:

"Thank you to Caroline and her staff who were always available to answer questions about products or subject matter. I highly recommend this training to any one who is interested in Medical Intuition and making healthy lifestyle changes."
Monica S., Atlanta G

"Caroline Sutherland has a wealth of knowledge that downloaded to all participants in this two day training. I have used her suggestions in my own life, for myself and family and the clients that I serve."
Sandra R., Seattle WA

"I did the Virtual Gastric Band program following the MIT training last October - and I've lost 50 pounds - take the training and do the VGB program - you'll be glad you did!" Dallas F, Bellingham WA

"If you are lookijng for a great way to tap into your intuition, discover ways to get and stay healthy, take this training!"

Roy D., Denver CO 

"I recently attended Caroline Sutherland’s Medical Intuitive Training. In ten years of continuing education, I must say, this training was the most valuable class I have ever experienced. Caroline is a fountain of information and her enthusiasm for the subject matter is clearly evident. She has a lovely and generous demeanor and made time every day for participants who had questions or needed additional help. I was surprised how quickly we were able to “switch on” our medical intuition."
Glenda N., Seattle WA



Caroline Sutherland is an internationally recognized medical intuitive, radio host and innovative leader in the fields of nutrition and energy medicine. She’s the popular author of The Body Knows book series and creator of a wide range of products that focus on health, well-being and healthy aging. For over three decades, she has lectured internationally on the subject of health education and medical intuition. And her intuitive impressions have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people.










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