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Medical Intuition - The Gift of Physical Body Insight

By: Caroline Sutherland

Medical intuition is the ability to see beyond the normal levels of perception into the subtle levels below as it pertains to the physical body and its processes. Many people have this ability. Your local chiropractor, for instance, uses applied kinesiology, a form of medical intuition, to determine structural imbalances. The body speaks through this method, enabling the chiropractor to determine the appropriate adjustment. Applied kinesiology or muscle testing is now used by many alternative and mainstream health care practitioners. It is the body’s way of revealing hidden clues to the practitioner, and this system can be easily learned.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in medicine. As a young child, I would run around the house in a nurse’s cap, taking people’s temperatures, checking pulses, and wrapping bandages around the imaginary wounds of my family members. I used to pull a huge chair over to the desk in the library where my father was studying for his final exams in tropical medicine. I would clamber onto the desk so that I could reach for the medical books that seemed twice my body weight. There I would pore over pictures of people in the advanced stages of yaws, elephantiasis, and leprosy trying to figure out how they got so sick. Little did I know then, that seeds were being planted, which would bear fruit decades later, in the exciting field of medical intuition.

The key to medical intuition or any other psychic or intuitive ability is a quiet, receptive mind. A mind that is well-trained in any profession will almost always develop intuitive ability. The more a person works at their craft, the more intuitive that person will become in their area of expertise. The rational or trained mind becomes the filter through which the intuitive impressions are received. Meditation, prayer, and quiet receptivity are prerequisites for this ability. Medical intuition comes from the spiritual level; it comes from God where everything is known.

Perhaps one of the most gifted medical intuitives of our time, whose stunning instincts have fascinated both lay people and professionals, is Caroline Myss. Her popular books Anatomy of the Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can have helped thousands of people understand their illnesses from an emotional and spiritual perspective. It was Caroline Myss who coined the phrase medical intuitive to describe someone who has this gift.

Edgar Cayce is another famous medical intuitive. There is a River - the Edgar Cayce Story, by Thomas Sugrue, documents his fascinating life and abilities. This illiterate man with no medical background practiced clairvoyant diagnosis for over 40 years. He devised all of his cures in the sleep state or a deep trance. People would come to him with all sorts of problems. Cayce would lie down, take a nap, or drop into this deep altered state and let the solutions for their health problems come to him. Medical doctors were constantly impressed by Cayce’s level of accuracy and his specific knowledge of physical body processes, something he apparently knew nothing about when he was awake.

Belief in the person who is delivering the message and the information that is being given is a fundamental element in healing. Edgar Cayce’s successes had as much to do with the belief that people had in him as the cures he dispensed.

My medical intuitive ability does not revolve around the emotional or spiritual levels or the sleep state. My eyes are wide open, I’m fully aware, and the practical suggestions drop into my mind. What does this body want? is the question that I ask myself.

While the emotions and the spiritual are taken into account, my strength seems to lie specifically on the physical level, probably as a result of my training in Environmental Medicine, where I worked as an allergy-testing technician for many years.

Remember, medical intuition or any other form of alternative therapy is never a replacement for regular medical attention. Never give your power away or abdicate your own good judgment and common sense to any intuitive or any practitioner. Trust the accuracy and usefulness of the information being given to you and with your own instincts. Assess it.

Beware of medical intuitives who see dark masses or see cancer or see problems and offer no practical solutions. Check their references and seek a second opinion. Such an experience can be very scary. If a medical intuitive is good at what they do and are tuning in accurately, the information will feel right to you. When you implement the suggestions, you should feel positive benefits in your health.

Always follow up with a competent medical doctor and skilled alternative practitioner in your community, who can give you on-going support. Remember that the body only wants to repair - we just need to give it the tools to do so.

During approximately three decades of immersion in the complementary or alternative medical field, it has been clearly revealed to me that there are certain simple principles, which when implemented, can make a tremendous difference to a person’s health and well-being. Like the indigenous people who saw Columbus’s ships for the first time, when their eyes were trained to see beyond their normal experience, they were open to whole new realm of possibility.

Anyone can learn to have intuition and develop physical body awareness. It takes time, practice, and a practical framework for seeing with a new set of eyes. There are many courses offered in medical intuition and I offer two intensive trainings in the subject each year. It is useful to learn all that you can in this regard. Your instincts will develop in your own way. Although courses may be useful, ultimately your instincts will come through you and become defined in your own unique manner.

Medical intuition, like anything else, is not the domain of a very few. Medical intuition or body awareness exists within each person. Allow yourself to develop your own instincts in ways that are appropriate and make sense to you. Trust these instincts and utilize them for better health. In all of my books, I endeavor to help the reader to develop and hone their own intuitive gifts.

Not everybody has the capacity to heal, but most people will: that is what the body is designed to do. My suggestion is: Never give up on your path to wellness. If you are not yet “cured”, it just means that there is something else waiting to be discovered. The path to wellness is like a treasure hunt. The next clue will show up when you need it and it will lead you onward to the treasure. All of the clues, and ultimately the treasures, of optimum health are found along the way. Thus it is with the healing journey, which is rarely a single treatment process. More often it is a combination of several things working together.

Optimum health is not a mystery. I have to report that people are looking all over the place for answers to their health concerns when most of the solutions are right in front of their noses. If I had not witnessed this dramatic transformation thousands of times in a clinical setting, I would not have believed it myself. The Universe makes things simple - if we need something, it is never very far away.

What we must remember that the body only wants to get well. It is valiantly trying to do so every moment of our lives at any age. We just need to give the body the elements to do so. When we implement these elements, people are stunned at the level of health they can achieve.

When it comes to health, no one can deny the importance of instinct, but every- one needs to be practical. As the saying goes, “Believe in Allah but tie your camel.”

I am constantly appalled by the number of people I see who do not have appropriate medical care. Many people expect help or even miracles to come forth from alternative medical practitioners when they should be seeing a medical doctor.

One such person I met obviously needed medical attention. When I asked this woman when she had last seen her doctor, she replied that she had not consulted with a physician in over ten years! She ended up in the hospital and the doctor was the one who saved her. Years of resistance to a simple surgical procedure cost her big time - financially and physically.

Go to see your doctor. Get your annual check-up, blood tests, PSA test, rectal exam, pelvic exam, pap smear, mammogram, etc. It’s worth it.

I believe in having a good, working relationship with your medical doctor. You never know when she or he might be needed. Don’t completely rely on your alternative practitioner. Complementary medicine means a combination of all disciplines working together to assist you in becoming healthy. My family physician referred me to a medical doctor colleague of hers who practiced environmental medicine. This turning point in my life led me to a fulfilling career and ultimately to write my “Body Knows” book series.

I always say “Just give me 30 days of your life - four weeks of your time - and let’s see what your body knows.” My medical intuitive gift came to me as a result of my own health challenges – but that’s another story!

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