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Inspired Creativity - Becoming a Pure Channel

By: Caroline Sutherland

Have you ever spoken a word, heard a phrase of music or a line of poetry and wondered, “Where did that come from?”

I have long been interested in the phenomenon of “inspired writing” or “inner dictation.” Some people call it channeling. In 1983 shortly after attending a meditation retreat, I experienced the curious mystical experience of receiving “inner guidance,” seemingly coming from a “source” within myself, yet, outside of myself. The guidance was always wise and comforting and because I was working in the alternative medical field, it was very often “health related.”

As a young woman, in 1968 I visited the famous temple of Delphi in Greece where the “Delphic Oracle” channeled guidance to curious patrons. To me, at the time, the Delphic Oracle was just an insignificant hole in the ground. Little did I know then, that fifteen years later, I too would be consulted, via inner-guidance, on health-related questions. All of my books, all of my speeches, all of my consultations and created materials are channeled or inspired. In fact, I could not “see into the body” unless I was spiritually connected. The information would simply not be available to me. Channeling is not new.

The Bible is full of references to prophets and channels, supposedly revered messengers of God who brought forth the prophecy of the day. Channeling has been around for thousands of years and it seems the general public cannot get enough of it – especially channels that “talk to the dead.”

In 1998, along with several other people, I was the subject of a doctoral thesis on Noesis – or inner knowing. At that time, I was introduced to the famous book, With the Tongues of Men and Angels: A Study of Channeling, by Arthur Hastings. I have an inscribed copy by the author and Hastings words to me were, “May you always channel yourself.” To this day, I have aspired to do just that.

According to Hastings 15 per cent of the US population reports hearing voices and receiving guidance from God, guardian angels or spiritual guides. The process of channeling, medium-ship, automatic writing, guidance or prophecy, is a sixth sense that is available to everyone. Modern-day mystics like James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams and John Holland act as mediums to access the departed and offer comforting messages to the living, who seek answers to the death of a loved one.

Early on, when I first joined Facebook, I had the good fortune of meeting Jack Armstrong, author of Lessons from the Source.  

More than 30 years ago, Jack began receiving and transcribing a series of profound and powerful, yet concise and easy to understand, lessons about life and spirituality from an unknown inner source. The teachings came via a form of channeling known as Inner Dictation, which is the same phenomenon through which A Course in Miracles and Conversations with God were received.

Even though Jack had been an explorer on the spiritual path, he was also very mainstream, having been a congressional candidate, small business owner, actor, and voiceover artist. It took fully 30 years before Jack was willing to share his channeled material until one day his “inner promptings” strongly encouraged him to do so.  In Lessons from the Source Jack shares some of the spiritual wisdom he received. The teachings in the book explain basic spiritual principles in clear, everyday language and offer a refreshing new perspective on the challenges we all face during every-day life. From my perspective, Lessons from the Source is pure, channeled material of a very high caliber. And because it comes from Source or God, it carries a healing quality. Learn more at

In my experience, the process of receiving inner guidance is simple and second nature. I stay open and receptive to listen for the guidance I receive. It is always, loving, straightforward, practical, and makes sense. In my world, this is called medical intuition. I have come to know this form of guidance for the past 30 years and I am grateful for it.

Turn on your own channel:

  • Institute a practice of daily meditation. Remain open and receptive to the “still, small voice within.”
  • Try a simple technique that I call “tuning on to nature.” Pick up a stone, stay quiet and see if the stone will give you a message. Look at a flower or a tree and see if it is trying to tell you something. Walk by the ocean and listen to a word in the sound of the ocean waves, such as peace, harmony, refresh or calm. Nature can heal and offer wisdom and guidance
  • Follow the practice of author Julia Cameron, whose book The Artist’s Way can turn on the channel for creativity. Cameron suggests doing “the morning pages.” In the early morning when everything is quiet, pick up a pen and start writing. You’ll be surprised how soon you start automatic writing, without effort, from an “inspired” place.

In order to be a “pure channel,” in my opinion, there are two prerequisites. The first is to be physically pure and as toxin-free as possible and second is to be emotionally pure and free of emotional debris and negative thoughts.  All of the guidelines in my The Body Knows books will help you to become healthy and vibrant in preparation to receive your own inner guidance.

Anyone who writes music or poetry is a channel – therefore all “inspired creativity” is channeled. This is not new nor is it the domain of a few gifted people. You too can be a channel – of your higher-self, your inspired-self, your God-self, just by opening up and allowing it to flow.

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