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The Ultimate in Self-Care

By: Caroline Sutherland

I have just returned from a marvelous week at Miraval Spa in Tucson Arizona called “The Ultimate in Self Care” with authors Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay. It was a real honor and quite an experience to witness the interaction between Louise and Cheryl. Louise is a real teacher. In each situation the exact right words  were presented with wisdom and grace. The healing power and energy in that group of a hundred women was palpable. If you get a chance to experience Miraval Spa with these two divas, I would highly recommend it.

Miraval Spa is a place I visited a number of years ago and I couldn’t wait to get back. During the week, I nurtured myself in their oh-so-comfy beds, enjoyed the food, the camaraderie, my daily swims and luxurious spa treatments that are included in the registration fee. I even challenged myself to climb a 40 foot pole and ride the “zip line.” Now that was exciting!

I believe that self-care is an important part of healing and one with is overlooked by many men and women. We have demands for our time by family, work and assorted pressures and expectations that we place largely on ourselves. Think of taking a day for yourself. Set up a spa atmosphere. Stay in your robe all day, read books (don’t even think of checking your emails) and nurture yourself. Write in your journal. Write down what is important to you in this next step in your life. Evaluate what is important and with whom you’d like to spend your time.  Learn to meditate. If you develop a consistent meditation practice, you’ll feel like your 15 minute meditation is a mini-vacation. I remember as a young woman raising a busy family, I always looked forward to going away on vacation where I got a break from cooking, driving and the demands of parenthood. Then I learned to meditate and I got my mini-break several times a day. It was a liberating experience to find a way to bring balance back in to my life. If you need balance, add a short meditation to your routine, a supply of well-chosen supplements, eat well and think positively. If you’d like to experience the ultimate in self care, think of a few days off the planet at Miraval Spa.

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