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Heart Health

By: Caroline Sutherland

Are you concerned about your heart? Does heart disease run in your family? Put your hand on your heart and acknowledge the wonderful job that it’s doing moment-by-moment and hour-by-hour for you! Let’s view the heart on two levels – the physical heart and the emotional heart. First let’s focus on the physical. Most people think that plaque accumulates in the arteries because of the consumption of animal fat and animal protein. Plaque starts to build up in arteries because of the over consumption of starch and sugar – refined carbohydrates. You might be interested in the work of two medical doctors in Boulder Colorado – Mary Dan and Michael Eades. They wrote the ground breaking book; Protein Power. It was written a few years ago but its truths still stand today. Their work centers around the concept of the low-carbohydrate diet and how such an eating plan can improve heart health, lower high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and balance blood sugars. Many people also do not know that red meat supports the electrical firing of the heart. In fact the amino acid L-Arginine is essential for healthy heart function and unless a person is supplementing with L-Arginine or consuming red meat, this vital nutrient if missing can put a person at risk for heart disease. You might be interested in a simple diagnostic test to reveal your own heart health called “Pulse Wave Analysis” which is available in many major cities. Fish oil is also well known for its ability to improve the viscosity of the blood – thus preventing heart disease. Because heart attack and stroke are leading causes of death in the United States, I like a specific formula which I sell online from my website called Artr-E-Clenz or FLW. It is a combination of powerful nutrients and amino acids designed to soften arterial plaque. These killer diseases are in part related to diet and also to high stress levels.

Now let’s look at the emotional heart. February is traditionally heart month – Valentine’s Day, hearts, flowers and LOVE. How much are we loving ourselves? What emotional damage still resides in your heart? What emotional issues remain unresolved? It is time to close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and ask the question – what part of my heart is yet to be healed? Where is it that I need to forgive? I like relaxation therapy CD’s. My best seller is “Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward. I also like subliminal CD’s where the affirmations and messages are embedded into the sound track. I am especially impressed with the CD’s called “Inner Talk” by Eldon Taylor a fellow Hay House author. Regarding the issue of forgiveness, read Colin Tipping’s book, Radical Forgiveness, for a whole new take on understanding forgiveness on a personal level. The messages we give to ourselves impact the whole body – the body knows what we are saying and thinking. This Valentine’s Day give yourself the gift of a healthy physical heart and the gift of clearing out the emotional burdens of the past with some of the ideas I have presented.

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