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Adrenal Fatigue - the 21st Century Disease

By: Caroline Sutherland

If your doctor says you are suffering from adrenal fatigue – you probably are. People are burned out from their jobs, their kids and life in general. This is the nature of the world we live in!

The burn-out plea for help is typical of today’s busy and over-pressured man or woman. Why just the other day, I heard of a fellow professional speaker who suffered a heart attack brought on by what I believe was adrenal fatigue. The constant travel, late nights, poor eating and just too many demands on her life wore down her limited reserves. If you are like the rest of the world on over-load let me commend you for addressing this issue.

Let’s start with the physical. Smooth out your blood sugars by eating regular meals. Pay close attention to your breakfast which will determine your energy and stamina for the rest of the day. A breakfast of toast coffee and juice is an assault on the pancreas and nervous system rendering a person incapable of effective performance. Add a hard-boiled egg or a handful of cashew nuts to your breakfast fare thus stabilizing blood sugars. Next take a look at sleep. Many people “override” that magical time when the healing vibration of night sweeps the earth. How many of us are caught up in television and e-mails late at night? This affects the stress-handling hormone, cortisol. When cortisol levels are imbalanced, we are revved up, can’t sleep or even lose weight because we feel so out of whack. As a consequence, we are tired the next morning and need even more caffeine and sugar to perk ourselves up.

At night think about drawing the curtains and drawing a bath around 10pm and plan to be in bed, lights out at 10:30. Welcome the power of sleep to rejuvenate and repair.
When it comes to adrenal support, I recommend herbs such as licorice, ashwaganda and rehmannia taken in a tincture form. This is also a good time to review your multiple vitamins, extra B vitamins and fish oil. Calcium as well, can be very calming.

Now let’s look at the metaphysical and emotional sides of adrenal fatigue – overwork. This may seem like a generalization, but I find that many women are prone to over-work and over-achieving. The desire to prove can override precious physical reserves. Men, if they do have this trait, do not appear to suffer as much for it. When we know we are enough there is no need to prove it. It is time to address what is driving you. Think of spending time in nature – the consummate healer.

For many of us, life as we know it today places us in a state of over-load. Interferences subtle and real seem to call for our continual response. This is a time to seek balance and prioritize. Review what matters; the sacredness of life, our health, our family and that precious commodity – inner peace. Adrenal fatigue is a sign that life is out of balance. I like a book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Syndrome by James Wilson N.D. which is packed with useful coping strategies.

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