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Autism - Puzzles and Strategies

By: Caroline Sutherland

To the people who know me, you have heard me harp on for years about food allergies and the Candida Yeast Syndrome. In my book The Body Knows, I devote several chapters to food allergies, environmental factors, and the Candida Albicans Yeast Syndrome.

Well you can imagine my surprise when I heard on national TV, out of the mouth of a very young mother, the words - food allergies and Candida Yeast!
Could it be that the world or at least this country is now ready to hear those words and tackle this huge scourge that affects millions of people? I sure hope so!
Jenny McCarthy is a delightful young actress whose last few years have been anything but delightful in her quest to find answers for her son Evan who has been afflicted with Autism. Read her book "Louder Than Words: a Mother's Journey in Healing Autism." Since Jenny McCarthy’s book was published, Jenny has received a lot of criticism for encouraging parents not to vaccinate their children. Vaccinations need to be tailored, used conservatively, not aggressively and should only be given to healthy children along with a healthy diet and supplemental support. The jury is NOT out on vaccinations. Take care and be educated about multiple vaccinations.  
Fortunately largely due to alternative treatments, food allergy avoidance and eradication of the Candida yeast syndrome, she has received her child back - whole and complete. Her child is out of the fog, darkness and the veil of autism entirely due to her tenacity and will. Congratulations Jenny!
From my clinical experience and my background as an allergy-testing technician, we saw hundreds of children in our clinic who were suffering with ADD, ADHD, behavior problems and autism. As soon as these children were put on a diet that was free of dairy, wheat, sugar, and chemicals, and given supplementation with anti-fungal agents, these children came alive. Parents would always exclaim, "I got my child back."
Here is a story about Robert, one of my young clients, who at the time was nine years old.
Robert and his distraught mother came to me for a consultation. Robert had been diagnosed with mild autism.

Autistic children can often appear absent, non- communicative and engage in repeated behavior patterns. The mother was beside herself trying to control this boy who could not be left alone for a moment without a resulting calamity.
When I looked at Robert, I could see that he was "in there" - within himself, he was home or present and aware of his surroundings even though he was giving opposite signals. He did not appear to have many of the usual signs of autism. I preferred to see Robert intuitively as a small boy with behavior problems, food allergies, the yeast syndrome and chemical imbalances. Because the only way his mother could handle her son was to give him whatever he wanted, he ate and drank anything he pleased.
I suggested to the mother that she could implement a ten-day "clear" (avoidance) program where the foods and beverages to which he was allergic, and to which he was constantly exposed, would not be consumed. A supplement to eradicate his overgrowth of Candida Yeast was also added to the regimen.
After ten days on this program, the mother contacted me to say that this was the first time in Robert's life that she'd had any peace. His mood swings were predictable and less severe. He was calmer and happier with himself and his surroundings. Even his teachers commented on the change in him.
Over time, his mother became so acutely aware of dramatic changes in Robert's behavior when he consumed dairy products, preservatives, food dyes, or sugars, and these exposures were just not worth the price of family disruption.
This is a miraculous story and one that I have seen repeated numerous times in my 25 year career. Like Jenny McCarthy says in her book, this is so miraculous, why aren't we seeing this on the nightly news? You tell me. It's all about drugs, money, advertising and a powerful food industry that doesn't want us to find out the truth and become healthy. We each have to do our part and spread the word.
How are all these children becoming autistic?
In two words; it is environmental factors. These are sensitive children with weak immune systems who cannot tolerate: hormones in the milk, repeated antibiotic treatment, chemical exposures, sugar - period and exposure to micro-doses of diseases or mercury through childhood immunizations.
Food allergies, toxins and the yeast syndrome are not just part of Autism. These things all affect our brains, our moods and our health.
In my opinion, ADD, ADHD and behavior problems in adults and children can all be improved by discovering:

What foods are you allergic to?
What is your overall toxic load?
What is the state of your immune system?
Are you suffering from the Yeast Syndrome?
Some other useful sources for understanding autism:

Order: Mothering Magazine February 2006 issue devoted entirely to Autism. Back orders available online for $4.50.
Order: Special Diets for Special Kids Two by Lisa Lewis.
Go online: Check out gluten free/casein free diets at
Read: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave & Deborah Mitchell.
Read: Is This Your Child? by pediatrician Dr. Doris Rapp.
Remember: There is always an answer! Persevere!!

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