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Environmental Toxins - Perspective from a World-Renowned Pediatrician

By: Caroline Sutherland


I have been a fan of Doris Rapp when I was first introduced to her work in 1983. She is a board certified pediatrician and pioneer in Environmental Medicine. I finally had the thrill of meeting her for the first time in 1998 and she gave me a wonderful quote for my first book. She has been on Donahue and Oprah as well as on the band wagon to make the world a safer place for us and our children. When you read her famous book "Is This Your Child" you will be impressed by the scope of her work and the detailed accounts of provocation and neutralization testing. This involves small amounts of common allergens injected under the skin in children and adults to provoke or stimulate a reaction and then a more dilute dose of the same allergen injected under the skin to completely neutralize or remove any symptoms.
Dramatic changes in behavior, mood and handwriting are all observed, clearly showing that common foods and environmental factors do have serious effects.
Dr. Rapp was our guest speaker at a recent Anti-Aging Conference in Scottsdale Arizona. Her biggest concern and mine too, is the amount of estrogen exposing in our bodies.
Where are you going to find these xenoestrogens or hormone disrupters? Why in the pollutants in the air, the chemicals in the food, cleaning supplies, personal care products, carpeting, new mattresses, flooring, carpeting, lawn fertilizers, dry cleaning, contaminated water from birth control pills and prescription drugs - the list is endless.
How do we need to detoxify the estrogen out of the body?
Support the liver with liver herbs or milk thistle and take Indol 3 Carbinol in the form of "DIM" available at any health food store. Add more cruciferous vegetables to the diet such as: cabbage, Brussels’ sprouts, kale, cauliflower or broccoli. Drink pure water and build up your immune system.
Here are some points from Dr. Rapp:
Don't use plastic water bottles or plastic containers. These plastic items leach xenoestrogens or estrogen-like substances which enter the body raising our own estrogen levels thus increasing our risk for cancer.
Avoid toxic household cleaners. Fumes can cause allergic reactions and add to our toxic load.
Use organic pest control and lawn fertilizers. These chemicals can cause asthma, rashes, tremors and spasms and can be toxic for pets and the water system.
Home heating: watch for gas leaks from stoves, hot water heaters or furnaces. These fumes contain hydrocarbons which can cause many forms of allergy such as asthma, headaches, fatigue and changes in behavior and activity.
Dry Cleaning also contains toxic chemicals called chlorethylenes. Air out your dry cleaning before wearing and seek out a "green" non-toxic cleaner.
Buy non-toxic soaps, lotions, lipsticks etc. from your health food store.

Toxins are deep and imperceptible. A chance meeting confirms what I have known for some time. In the shuttle on the way to the LA airport last month a young doctor and I started chatting. He was an oncology physician from the UK. I asked him why he thought there was so much cancer in the civilized world, he said it was largely related to diet, stress and chemicals - and "estrogen exposure," I chimed in.
"Yes" he said, surprised that I would know about estrogen exposures. Then, just as the shuttle door opened and this delightful man stepped down to the street. He turned to me and said, "yes - it's in the water."
I hope this information will cause you to stop and think about estrogen exposures for you and your family.
Dr. Rapp's toxic list is extensive but you can get more information and contacts from her website
You will also find her book "Our Toxic World" and her informative video "Molds and Their Effects” very interesting."

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