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Why Weight Loss is NOT a Mystery

By: Caroline Sutherland

Despite what all the diet books tell you, despite all the information about calorie counting, measuring, exercising or starving, successful weight loss is NOT a mystery. There are 5 important components to weight loss and once they are implemented, you will lose weight. Several times a year I host a 7 Day Detox Program which is a great way to kick-start a weight loss program. This means that you can do a little bit of over-eating during the holidays or on vacation, knowing that you are going to have 7 days of separation from no-no’s to get you started on a whole new way of eating. I am not in favor of stringent cleanses and fasting but I prefer a monitored detox program that contains plenty of the right kinds of food!

Looking ahead to a new way of considering permanent weight loss, here are some guidelines below.
These are the five key components of effective weight loss:
1Food allergies: most overweight people have food allergies or sensitivities — particularly to the common foods that they eat every day. Foods to avoid are dairy products, wheat, corn, soy and yeast. Food intolerance can trigger histamine reactions which result in fluid retention.
2. Chronic Candidiasis: most overweight people are afflicted with the Candida Yeast Syndrome, which can result in overwhelming cravings for starches and sugars. Candida is easy to correct – ask for a yeast eradication kit or supplements at your health food store.
3. Excessive carbohydrate consumption: carbohydrates (starches) quickly convert to sugar. Excess sugar is stored in the fat cells. Reduce carbohydrate consumption to 60 grams per day. For example ½ cup cooked rice is about 23 grams of carbohydrate and 1 slice of bread is 25 grams. Carb grams add up quickly!
4. Exercise: the body loves to move, stimulate the lymphatic system, tune and tone up muscles and fibers, increase the heart rate and feel better. Choose something simple that you can commit to on a daily basis like a brisk walk, a good workout, swim or yoga stretches. Surprisingly, excessive exercise is NOT necessary for weight loss to occur.
5. Hormone imbalances: stubborn weight loss can mean that hormones are out of balance. Overweight people often have thyroid problems and related endocrine problems which can affect fat-burning metabolism. Hormones require careful balancing which can be done through your local naturopathic physician or holistic medical doctor or family nurse practitioner.
People often overeat because they are upset, stressed or bored. Consider food as fuel and not as entertainment. Often we use food to pacify our inner child which is always hungry for joyful, meaningful expression. Evaluate your fun and happiness quotient in every area of your life from work to relationships. If you are tired of the weight loss game, it’s time for a fresh perspective.

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