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Creating Spiritual Sky Hooks!

By: Caroline Sutherland

We are all faced with challenges from time to time. This time happens to be our dark night of the soul. I like to think of “spiritual sky-hooks” or spiritual strategies that give us a leg up or inspiration when we seem to be spiraling out of control. We cannot control life, but we can control how we react to it. This is a time to keep your focus, keep your personal sense of integrity and balance as the process of life unfolds. Here are some of the elements that can help you at this time:

1. Every molecule of food and drink that you consume is translated into body tissue. Eat consciously by avoiding any foods and beverages to which you might be sensitive, allergic, or reactive. This will help you to keep your energy and mental clarity intact. Mood and energy follow blood sugar. Keep sugars minimal.

2. Don’t collapse into addictions - consumption of sugars, caffeine, and alcohol. These substances will further tax the system and contribute to more emotional hills and valleys. Avoiding these stimulants will give you the mental clarity to make appropriate decisions and deal with the situation. If you must use alcohol, use it as a medicine - sparingly.

3. Seek help from competent spiritual counselors and mentors who can assist you in looking at the situation from a higher and wiser perspective. Draw on the strength of friends and family members, or your church, for daily support during the severity of the crisis. Cry. Get it all out. Get down to the deepest parts of your being and express your concern or frustration with supportive assistance.

4. Do your best to see that this experience may hold an opportunity. It may be too early due to raw or painful emotions to see it, but in time through a challenge, opportunity will be revealed.

5. Ask the questions, “What is life trying to teach or show me?”  “Is life trying to move me in another direction?” “Are my skills and abilities needed in another place or location?”

6. Look for natural, calming remedies and supplements to restore and rebuild the body. Some people may need mood elevating medication, or antidepressants. Do not deny yourself this need during such a transitional time.

7. This too shall pass. Even the pain of the worst experiences will lessen over time.
When you are able to, help others. The gift of helping others less fortunate than yourself will assist you looking at your problems from a wider perspective.

8. Keep gratitude on your lips. Even when things are at their worst, keep focusing on gratitude. Thank you God for my eyes, thank you God for my home, thank you God for my friends etc. should be continually repeated. The impression that these phrases can have on the mind translates into a soothing, calming effect on the body. When your thoughts turn to fear or panic, reach in and pull out the feelings of gratitude from within. Be vigilant with your thoughts and keep them as supportive as possible.

If you need comforting or reassurance during a troubling time, try my CD “An Angel’s Inspiration” with soothing harp music and uplifting affirmations.

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