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Alternative Cancer Therapies

By: Caroline Sutherland

Interview-"Overcoming Cancer"

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A diagnosis of cancer can be pretty scary. But, like any other illness, cancer is just a label. During my career as a medical intuitive and while working in a clinical setting, I have had the opportunity to see many people with cancer. And I have come to believe that even people in advanced stages of cancer can recover. Just read Jodie’s story below.

In the face of a serious illness like cancer, the body needs the very best spiritual, emotional, and physical support. Here are my thoughts on cancer.


On the physical level, give your body a chance to regenerate. This is a time to remove from your diet any toxic items that you are currently consuming. Cancer cells are “glucose supported.” Any fast growing cell needs sugar to grow and proliferate so this means NO sugar in any form. This also includes honey or any so called “healthy” sugar such as fruit, fruit juice, agave nectar or alcohol. Remove caffeine, soy and all dairy products from the diet as well. Refrain from consuming any of these items until your test results start to show improvement. Keep your fruit intake minimal at this time. Eat as healthy as you can. Eat regular meals that are home made and satisfying. Soups can be particularly nourishing - beef broth and chicken soup can be an easy way for the body to receive nutrition – at any mealtime. The recipe for beef broth plus a whole section on cancer is available in my book “The Body Knows –how to “tune in” to the body and improve your health (Hay House)

Rest – rest – rest!!! Allow yourself to heal while in that restful state.

Find a good local practitioner to assist you in the detoxification of your liver and the support of your immune system. Be careful of taking too many supplements. I find that people in a weakened state have difficulty processing vast amounts of supplements unless they are food-based, or in liquid form. Intravenous and injectable vitamins can also be useful. Drink water and weak herbal tea. Be sure and have a regular bowel movement everyday.


• Don’t eat sugar
• Avoid dairy products and caffeine
• Support the immune system
• Find a good practitioner
• Detoxify estrogen
• Drink medicinal tea
• Do your inner work


See your doctor. Complementary medicine means all treatments both traditional and non-traditional working together. If there is any part of your belief system – conscious or otherwise that believes that traditional western medicine has an answer for you, it is important to incorporate traditional cancer treatment along with your alternative modalities.


Make the shift happen. With cancer just like any other illness, your choice is to shift the energy, which is then reflected in a cellular change. Often this comes from a dramatic shift in perspective from within oneself.  This shift addresses the spiritual disconnect or the negative emotional “nugget” behind the illness itself. You will find the chapter on Catalysts and Forgiveness in my book “The Body Knows – how to tune in to your body and improve your health” very helpful to gain insight and wisdom about your condition and where you need to shift.


• Pau D’Arco tea – a medicinal tea from South America 1 cup 3 x a day may be useful.
• Essiac tea – a combination herb formula originally from Canada thought to be useful for cancer – one to four ounces per day.
• Use liquid supplementation. This is a product that has been useful for recovering cancer patients. High powered nutrients in liquid form such as are usually better tolerated than a host of pills.


Make sure that you surround yourself with loving supportive people thorough your journey to wellness and that you love yourself. Take time for yourself. Meditate and commune with nature. You will find that the answers will come to you as you turn within


In your research you may find that there are many clinics with unusual treatments for cancer. Tijuana Mexico abounds with such places. You also might want to research Klinik St. Georg in Bad Aibling, Germany. Check their website at or locally at the Issels Immuno-Oncology clinic in Santa Barbara . Or research other treatments at: sub-heading cancer. Trust your instincts on which is the best approach for you.


There is another interesting form of cancer treatment which has been in existence for over 30 years showing promising results – Insulin Potentiation Therapy.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is a new approach to the challenge of cancer that involves no new drug products, but simply the innovative use of existing ones. Taking advantage of the very mechanisms that cancer has developed to promote its own growth, IPT employs the hormone insulin to selectively target lowered doses of anti-cancer drugs into the cancer cells, with a reduced or complete absence of drug side effects. Thus these powerful cell-killing chemotherapy drugs may now be used in a much safer manner without side-effects.

Visit for more information and a list of IPT practitioners.

Jodie’s story:

“I was in the middle of 35 heavy duty radiation treatments on my chest wall and 11 more on my right hip. I was very weak and in a wheel chair when a pediatric cardiologist friend of mine from Chicago called when I was half way through my chemo therapy infusions. She told me that if there was any way that I could attend a Caroline Sutherland seminar this could change the course of my illness toward healing myself.

By a total miracle, it turned out that Caroline was coming to my church the following weekend. The universe couldn’t have orchestrated this meeting more perfectly.

My friend told me to sit in the back of the room, not to make eye contact and for heavens sake, don’t ask Caroline a question or she might bring me up to the front of the room.

It wouldn’t have mattered where I sat or what I did, this diminutive, energetic woman was drawn like a magnet to me. Across a room of several hundred people she found me.

As she sat on the arm of my chair, I heard words that would orient my healing compass into a completely different direction.

My life had been a series of twists and turns. Two years after undergoing a divorce after 35 years of marriage, I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and metastatic bone disease.

I have lost 28 people to cancer in my immediate family and at age 59 when I developed cancer I had many difficult decisions to make.

I chose all the best doctors and I researched everything that I could pertaining to my illness. Chemotherapy, radiation and all of the side effects that come with it became part of my daily life. Forty-six pounds fell off my body and at that point, I began to seriously explore complementary medicine.

This is when by a serendipitous turn of events I met Caroline. I attended all of her workshops that weekend in Detroit and I felt the first glimmer of hope that I could regain my strength, energy and knowledge outlined in her book The Body Knows.

As Caroline sat with me that weekend and shared what she felt was out of balance. Then she outlined a plan of action with dietary recommendations, supplementation, Candida yeast control and food allergy elimination. I started the program immediately and began to feel much stronger. Her beef broth recipe outlined in the book seemed to be the magic elixir. I began to drink the South American medicinal tea that she recommended and I began to feel a strength which amazed my doctor and me.

I added vitamins, herbs and an immune enhancing blender drink and I was finally able to eat more than the apple sauce and water which for weeks had been all I could keep down.

I then found an environmental nutritionist who immediately started me on intravenous Vitamin C to stimulate my immune system and strengthen my body.

Acupuncture was the next part of my protocol. I had numbness and no range of motion in my right arm as a result of the radiation treatments. After a month of weekly treatments, my right arm was so improved that my doctors were simply astounded.

Canyon Ranch and the Women’s Midlife Journey Program was the next step. I began with two superb instructors who gave me back the gift of exercise with the yoga and Pilates that I had always loved.

Healing Touch was the next treatment I chose to participate in during that week at Canyon Ranch.

Those sessions totally shifted my perceptions about my divorce and my illness.

Imagine healing from the heartbreak of loving a man for 42 years (we had met in school when I was 14 and he was 17) it was as if he had died and now I was coming out of a deep state of post traumatic stress disorder – the aftermath of  my own personal 911.

I read Catherine Ponder’s book, The Dynamic laws of Healing (DeVorss 1966) which deals with forgiveness and healing practices. I did a lot of journaling.

This really helped. 

Today I am cancer free – it is called remission. By combining the best of traditional and complementary medicine I am a walking miracle.

Not long ago, I took a Rolex watch that my husband had given me, into the jewelers. It had always been my favorite. I asked to have the bezel (the frame around the face) changed.

I asked to have diamonds put into the bezel - one for each of the tests that I had undergone these past four years; courage, patience, healing, understanding, love, forgiveness etc. Then I asked for four sapphires to be placed at each mid point around the bezel - one for dignity, integrity, health and joy and happiness. Every day this new watch face reminds me of how far I have come.

I can now walk the beach, feel the breeze on my face, breathe in the sea air and give thanks for the life that I live each day with joy and gratitude.”

In sensing into Jodie when I met her, I knew her “will to live” was teetering in the balance. There is a fine line between life and death and in my opinion, there wasn’t much time to capture the thread of wellness that still remained within her body and pull her back into life.

When a person is weak, they need nurturing. Soup often comes to me as a remedy for someone in such a condition. I suggested several servings of home made soup, notably beef broth, each day along with a South American herbal tea that has well-known anti viral, anti fungal and anti cancer properties.

As I held her hand I said. You are severely depleted. I sense you need beef broth and plenty of it along with some very special tea. I made some other dietary suggestions, wished her well and returned to the book line and never thought I would see Judie again.

I am delighted that this has not been the case.

Often a cancer diagnosis can be preceded by a cataclysmic event. In Judie’s case her immune system took a strong hit when the shock of discovering her husband of 35 years with a younger woman, rocked her emotional foundations. She was laid waste emotionally and unprotected physically. Thus it was not surprising that her body developed a life threatening illness.

Jodie’s in remission now. I visited her recently in her beautiful vacation home in Carmel California. Her purpose is enjoying each day of her life, spreading love where ever she goes and inspiring others that cancer can be overcome.

Please note: I accept no responsibility for the health of any individual following the above suggestions. Seek the advice of your medical doctor before implementing any health program.


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