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My Near-Death Experience

By: Caroline Sutherland

In the summer of 1995, I happened to be making a left turn on a busy country road. As I put my signal on to make the turn, the thought crossed my mind that this was a dangerous place to be stopping.  Just then, I looked in the rear view mirror to see a blue truck approaching very quickly and I knew I was going to be hit. At the moment of impact I heard a loud booming voice saying, life is short and very precious! I was in complete surrender, knowing that this could be my last breath. As I gripped the wheel and the whole scene lit up with searing white light. In a nanosecond, I saw the meaning and purpose for our lives and how life works. Cars were flying in different directions, the truck was overturned at the side of the road and somehow I managed to end up, upright and unhurt, in the same grassy ditch I had seen in my dream two nights before.

On a spiritual level, it was probably one of the most dramatic and revealing experiences of my life. Where I was taken and what I was shown at the moment of impact was beyond time and space.

I wish everyone could have this experience. No one would ever disrespect their bodies again, nor would they ever say a mean thing or commit an unkind act. It is true that life is short and very precious. In that one brief moment of time, I was able to feel the anguish of what it would be like to die and not to have completed my purpose on earth. No wonder I’m such a zealot now! This anguish of an uncompleted purpose is hell. 

Hell is not the fiery furnace we’re told about in Sunday School. Hell is what it feels like to be born for a reason and not taking full advantage of the opportunities given to us during our earthly life. We all have a purpose. I immediately saw that I must rededicate myself fully to my purpose and that there was no time to be lost.

In this brief second, I also was shown that it was a privilege to have a physical body. I could feel many souls pressing in on me and I could hear them telling me that they would dearly love to be in physical form, to have another chance to complete their mission here on earth.  These felt like senior citizen souls who would give anything to have one more round on the earth plane. Apparently, according to them, we are lucky to be alive and should banish depression and despair.

The next concept that I was shown was that everything has weight and importance. Every “good” thought, word or action is noted and carries weight, as does every “other” thought, word or action.  Nothing is without its price tag. Understanding this concept was life changing for me. No secrets are hidden and everything is recorded on the etheric plane.

In this thirty-second experience, I was also given the insight that we are only here to love and to serve. It doesn't matter what kind of clothes we wear, it doesn't matter what our house looks like or the type of car we drive or how we look.  We could be fat or thin, young or old, plain or pretty. What matters is that we are in loving service to humanity.

As that scene lit up, I could see that all of life was interlinked.
Man, nature, and the cosmos at that dimension appeared to be thousands of brilliant sparks of light – touching and interacting with each other. Everything seemed to be pre-ordained.  I could sense divine intelligence pervading the entire scene. At this level, you could see forever.

The whole scheme showed me that there was a divine plan and it appeared that our little minds had very little to do with it. It was also clear that there is no pain in death. The moment that the body loses consciousness, it is free of pain. We remain alive in energy but not in physical form. At this level, it is true that the soul never dies. But we may experience shock because our physical death may have happened suddenly, without time to prepare, so that we have no idea how we got to this level.
Fortunately, at this time, we are surrounded by helpers: angels, radiant beings, and family members who assist us in making the transition from one world to another.

There are no accidents, and everything happens for a reason.  The good, the bad, and the in-between happens for our own growth. The earthly plane is about learning the lessons of life as quickly and impeccably as possible. We are here by grace, and our time is short. We could literally be taken off the planet at any time - it is simply not our decision.

Heaven, by the way, is not way “over there.” Heaven, or the other side of the veil, is right here - just one millimeter beyond our nose.  If you put out your hand, it is in the veil.  We can be pulled into the veil or heaven and we can pull the veil through to us, just as we do in prayer, contemplation, or meditation. I saw no curving staircases, pearly gates or Saint Peter standing there taking tickets. It was not that romantic.

Several days after the accident, I happened to be watching a television program about a famous and influential woman who died in her mid 60’s.  I wondered if she had known that she was going to die at such a young age, would she have lived her life differently?

As a result of this life-changing catalyst, I became realigned to my spiritual purpose. To this day I have dedicated my life to assuring people that there are more than just the obvious reasons for becoming healthy.

Excerpted from Caroline’s book The Body Knows – How to Tune in to Your Body and Improve Your Health

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