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Integrity in Alternative Medicine

By: Caroline Sutherland

Many people wonder about the selection of a holistic health practitioner. In every alternative publication you’ll see an array of psychics, healers, seers and practitioners. Who knows what their approach might be much less how reliable or accurate they are. With this cornucopia of practitioners to choose from, how does one approach the selection process?

There is one simple answer – get a reference. I find the best way to select a holistic or conventional practitioner is by word of mouth. If someone recommends a practitioner to you – that’s a good enough reason to call for an appointment.

Medical intuition or any other form of alternative therapy is never a replacement for conventional medical attention. Do not abdicate your own good judgment and common sense to any intuitive healer, doctor or practitioner. Trust the accuracy and usefulness of the information being given to you and with your own instincts. Assess it.

Beware of medical intuitives who see dark masses or see cancer or see problems and offer no practical solutions. Check their references and seek a second opinion. Such an experience can be very disconcerting if not alarming. A good medical intuitive can “tune in” accurately on a variety of levels. The information should feel right to you. Then when you implement the suggestions, you should feel an improvement in your health or well-being.

I have two stories about a lack of integrity in alternative healing. My assistant called me in a panic. She had been to see a “healer” from a foreign country who was in the area doing treatments. He told her that she was on a fast track to having diabetes and a heart attack. He told her that if she took his expensive weekend workshop, all of this could be corrected. She left the place in tears and called me right away.

Legally only a physician is allowed to “diagnose.”  Suggestions and recommendations can be made by alternative practitioners but no diagnosis. In my opinion, this individual far out-stepped his boundaries in what is appropriate in a consultation. Scaring people is NOT appropriate.

My second story is even more shocking. One of my clients to told me that she had gone to see a well-known “intuitive” in southern Oregon. This woman was very expensive charging $5000. for a consultation. This in my opinion should have been a “heads up” from the get-go! The intuitive put her hand on top of her son’s head and said, “I get nothing from him. There is nothing I see and there is nothing I can do.” The intuitive took my client’s money (advance payment was required) and she and her son left in tears.

The best intuitive healer is yourself. Trust your own instincts and guidance. Always be aware when exorbitant fees are charged. Healing comes from God. It should be free, a donation or an affordable amount.

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