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How to Have Beautiful Skin

By: Caroline Sutherland

This article addresses the concerns of a 29 year-old Montana woman with acne. Her acne was so bad that she considered having micro-dermabrasion treatments. She tried topical creams, soaps and astringents all to no avail. Here are my suggestions.

One of the blessings of Montana apart from the big skies is the clear air and bright sun. I suggest 15 minutes of sun exposure to the face every day. Sun exposure can dry out oily pores, heal damaged skin and provide necessary Vitamin D.

The skin is the last manifestation of the gut. If you want to clear up the skin, you need to clear up the gut. Topical creams do not really help on-going skin problems. They might bring some temporary relief but they don’t address the cause of the problem.

I find over and over with clients that as soon as they eliminate dairy products from the diet for about 21 days and minimize their sugar intake, the skin clears up.

After 21 days, you can try going back to consuming goat’s milk cheese or yogurt but if resume the consumption of cow dairy products on a regular basis, your skin will most likely break out again.

Now take a look at your fat consumption. Excessive fats can trigger skin eruptions as can too much junk food! This is predominately a digestive issue involving the liver and fat handling.

Next, take a look at your water intake and make sure it is at least 6 glasses a day – no sodas! Juice is almost straight sugar so keep that minimal too.

I also suggest using probiotics on a regular basis to re-colonize the lower colon with beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes to help with fat assimilation.

In young people, skin related issues are often hormonally related. In young males, testosterone levels are high and that can be a factor. In women, an out of balance estrogen to progesterone ratio can be the culprit. If your skin condition does not improve with the elimination of sugar, dairy products and junk foods, then visit a holistic practitioner for an evaluation of hormone or liver related issues.

Skin on an outer or deeper level relates to how we present ourselves to the world. “Your face is your fortune” as the English nursery rhyme goes. It may be time to examine self esteem and confidence issues and how you would like to present yourself to the world as you progress in life. It may be time to take some classes in assertiveness or public speaking.

It is interesting to note that topical or outer treatments are not the long term solution for skin problems but its more revealing to look deeper into the gut and emotional issues for answers.

Usually a mini-detox like the one I have described above, does wonders for clear skin. Just the mere elimination of the items that are toxic to the body both physically and emotionally can offer dramatic results.

Then the micro-dermabrasion treatments can be scheduled. Micro-dermabrasion is a treatment rather like fine sandpaper which removes old skin cells and stimulates the new growth. I suggest a treatment once every few weeks. After the skin has received the micro-dermabrasion treatment, be sure to stay out of the sun for a few days and your skin will be ultra sensitive to the suns rays. Just like the body, the skin has a phenomenal capacity to heal. 


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