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Acid Reflux and Stomach Problems

By: Caroline Sutherland

Have you been having stomach problems lately? Maybe your doctor has suggested medication for acid reflux and although it seems to be helping, you may be reluctant to be on medication for something that you feel should have a simple explanation and solution.

Here are some useful strategies:

The important step is to see your medical doctor.

I am continually concerned that people do not consult with their physician when they have health concerns. But the desire to investigate further often leads to layers behind common symptoms.

On the physical level, in my experience, the stomach will directly reflect through pain or symptoms, what you are putting in to it – your food! Around 40 – 45 years of age, hydrochloric acid production wanes. HCL is necessary for the breakdown of proteins. If you are eating starches and proteins together, the combination of these two substances can lead to gas, bloating, distension and pain.

A purist would probably recommend that you eat protein and vegetables together at a meal, and vegetables and starches together at another meal. As a medical intuitive, I see thousands of people each year and not everyone wants to be purists. We have to live in the world and I like to make things simple. The easiest way out of the problem is to take digestive enzymes with each meal. Look for one with hydrochloric acid if you are over the age of 45.

Now let’s take a look at your foods. Sugar, dairy products and caffeine are the worst offenders for stomach problems – taken all together – ouch! As an experiment, avoid these items for 5 days and in most cases this will bring welcome relief.

Stomach problems on an emotional level represent an issue that may be difficult to “stomach”, digest or integrate onto ones life. The stomach on a spiritual level represents the “power center” of the body.  When people are having digestive problems, it usually means that they are giving their power away to people, places and things outside of themselves. They can defer to people that they perceive to be more powerful, competent or more worthy than they are. Take a look at where vital energy is flowing out of your body.

Our deepest desire is to invest our energy in our creative potential, our higher purpose and our spiritual connection.

An interesting exercise is to close your eyes and imagine that your stomach is a flame – just like a flame in a furnace. Is the flame that you see, weak, smoky or even completely extinguished? Ask the “flame” to show you a picture of why it is less than “full power on.”

Your ultimate goal is to see this “flame” as bright, clean, steady and strong, signifying that your power to digest on the physical and emotional level is intact. 

Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for 25 years. Her popular book, “The Body Knows” – how to tune in to your body and improve your health (Hay House) shows us how to implement the intuitive process for ourselves.
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