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2011, August Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive

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 August 2011 Newsletter

In This Issue
:: Smooth out Your Energy
:: Caroline's 7 Day Detox Program
:: Books I am Reading
:: Summer Smoothie
:: Big Apple Women Writer's Conference in NYC.
:: Maya White
:: People Are Listening
:: Two Special Events in Seattle & Vancouver
:: 3 DAY EVENT! Medical Intuitive Training
:: The Fountain of Youth
:: Great Detox Strategies on Caroline's Radio Show
:: Connect With Caroline
Deer in Garden

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all having a delightful summer. I have enjoyed  two weeks at the cabin with my family, plus a terrific singing workshop at Naramata Center that was so uplifting and enjoyable. Take a look at this sweet picture of a little family of deer - nibbling at our profuse summer garden. Thanks to Marlene my assistant for taking this picture.


Blessings, Caroline


Smooth out Your Energy


Smooth Your Energy Card I have known inventor Ron Hall for many years. He's come up with something new - sounds odd but it's a little card that is programmed to harmonize your energy and to protect you from negative influences. Since I received my "Personal Harmonizer" card, I find I am not disturbed by discordant energies. You know that I am around a lot of people; I travel a lot on airplanes and stay in big-city hotels. I feel peaceful and calm with my harmonizer no matter where I am. Take a look at Global Coherence where you'll find information on the harmonizer and free downloads too. Scroll down here:   


Caroline SutherlandJoin Caroline Sutherland's

7 Day Fall Detox Program 

Starts on September 14

Cost $99. before September 5.

Cost: $125. after September 5.


Sign Up Here 


Are you feeling sluggish and tired? Have you been over-eating - too much pasta, too many desserts? Then this 7 Day Detox Program is a great start for Fall 2011!


Best selling author, medical intuitive and health coach Caroline Sutherland guides you through a spring detoxification program.


The 7 day teleconference coaching program with Caroline starts on Wednesday September 14. You'll also get telephone follow-ups every second day (September 16, 18 and 20) to monitor your progress plus free recipes and lots of great information as the week unfolds.


This is NOT a cleanse, this is not a "fast", this is not about starvation, this is not about water or mung bean sprouts (thank goodness!) this is a specific food program designed to help reduce symptoms, inflammation and overall body toxicity. There is plenty to eat! And all of the foods are available at your local grocery store.


The phone-in Detox Teleconference Program starts Wednesday September 14 at 5:30pm PT/7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET and continues to Tuesday September 20th.


On September 13 you'll receive the telephone number to call and PIN.


Cost $99. before September 5. Cost: $125. after September 5.


Sign Up Here    


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Books I am Reading

I Shall Not Hate I have been intrigued by the concept of forgiveness.  How do people move through tremendous challenges to cultivate forgiveness and resolution? Not an easy thing to do. My inspirational read this summer is "I Shall Not Hate ~ A Gaza Doctor's Journey" by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. Imagine living in war-ravaged Gaza an area of Palestine when your home is shelled by opposing forces, killing three of your daughters and a niece. Imagine being able to live through this and to carry on with your life. Imagine the pain and loss you would feel. This is what Dr. Abuelaish describes in great detail in this compelling book, I Shall Not Hate.
Heaven is for Real Even though this book has a bit of a Christian slant, I also enjoyed reading "Heaven is for Real ~ A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back" by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent. The story involves four-year-old Colton Burpo and what happened to him during an emergency appendectomy. Colton came back from the surgery and described in detail what his parents were doing in another part of the hospital while he was being operated on. He talked of heaven and people he met there. He astonished his parents with descriptions and obscure details about heaven that apparently matched the Bible - even though he had not yet learned to read. I found the story fascinating and brought back profound memories of my own "near-death" experience in 1995 when I too had a glimpse of what life was like on the "other side."

Summer Smoothie


Looking for something cool and delicious this summer? Try this ginger, peach and celery smoothie.
Combine 1-cup celery, 3 medium peaches washed, peeled and pitted, 1 tsp peeled, and fresh ginger root.
Toss in a blender with plenty of ice. Serve in a tall glass with a straw. Garnish with a sprig of mint. Share with a friend. 

Big Apple Women Writer's Conference in NYC If you're an aspiring female writer, you'll love the International Women's Writing Guild - Big Apple Conference which is attended by women writer's from around the world. I have spoken several times at this conference and have gained insight and great contacts - especially with agents. View details below and plan to attend. The conference is repeated in April next year.  
Maya White

Maya White header
Be sure to get your free Horoscope from Maya White. You can also obtain personal, in-depth readings ~ the best Astrological Consultation of Your Life! You will receive solutions and guidance on love, situations related to money and timing for work related issues or major life changes. Maya's readings help you maximize your gifts and talents while leveraging challenges and obstacles. Check out all of her offerings and be sign up for her newsletter for great insight each month!

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People are ListeningHay House Radio Show

I just received these listener stats from Hay House Radio. I was delighted and amazed about the number of people who are attracted to my program. The Haylo Health Hour airs every Monday  Morning at 8am PT/11am ET and of course is broadcast all around the world. For the past three months I've had a total of 53,4111 unique listeners and 66,307 total page views for the three month period.


I am very gratified with the response and I adore the radio medium. Join me on Monday morning on Hay House Radio Let me answer all your health questions!

Oval Photo

Join Caroline for

Two Special Events in
Seattle & Vancouver  


Cracking the Weight Loss Code

CAROLINE SUTHERLAND, medical intuitive and best-selling author of The Body Knows Diet - Cracking the Weight Loss Code as she shares her weight loss secrets weight in this action-packed evening. If you have ever wondered why you gain weight, why you're losing at the weight loss game and why traditional diets don't work, then don't miss this presentation. Caroline will do spot readings and answer your questions about the chronic health issues that affect us all.    


Seattle on Saturday, September 24

7:30 - 9:30pm Cost: $10 

East West Bookshop
6500 Roosevelt Way
Seattle WA    

Call to Register: 206-523-3726  

Space is limited.
Register Here 


Vancouver on Thursday, September 29  

7- 9pm Cost: $14.

Ferry Building Gallery
1414 Argyle Street
West Vancouver B.C.

Call to register - this presentation will sell out! 604-925-7290 

Space is limited.
Register Here 



Medical Intuitive Readings & Seminar

This event is open to men and women who may be dealing with a health issue, fatigue, weight gain or menopause. Caroline "tunes in" to each person as they meet with her and immediately creates an individual reading assessment. Following this unique and confidential "tuning in" process, the "action-packed" seminar begins as Caroline gives an in-depth explanation of her intuitive impressions and important guidelines to help you improve your health.

Seattle on Sunday September 25 ~ please note change in venue & time!  

1:30pm-6pm Cost $125. Couples rate $199

(please call 360-527-3311 for this option)

Northcut Landing (across the street from the Silver Cloud Inn)
5001 25th Ave N.E. Suite # 200 E

Register Here 

Vancouver on Friday September 30   

5pm - 9pm Cost $125. Couples rate $199

(please call 360-527-3311 for this option)

Canadian Memorial United Church

Peace Center - 16th & Burrard
Vancouver, BC
Register Here 

3 DAY EVENT! Medical Intuitive Training

Caroline Sutherland's Signature    

Medical Intuitive Training in Leavenworth, Washington   

October 28, 29, and 30, 2011

Friday 7-9:30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-5pm

Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive Training

Caroline Sutherland - Medical Intuitive Training



Caroline Sutherland, best selling author, health expert and Medical Intuitive presents a 2 1/2  day intensive Training in Medical Intuition at the beautiful Cornerstone Lodge in historic Leavenworth Washington.


Cornerstone Lodge 

Location: Cornerstone Lodge

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