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2010, May Caroline Sutherland Newsletter By: Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive


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May 2010 Newsletter



In This Issue

:: Honor Your Mother

:: Mother Teresa

:: Great Ladies of New Orleans

:: Visions of Universal Humanity - Spiritual Cinema Circle

:: 4 Day Retreat - Hollyhock Retreat Center

:: Seeing into the Body - Lily Dale, NY

:: Join me in the Mediterranean!

:: 3 Day Event with Caroline Sutherland & Gary Leikas

:: Easy Mini Pizza's

:: Song Featuring Caroline's Book!

:: Healing Meditations



Honor Your Mother

May is a month when we honor our own mother and mother earth. We are grateful to be alive at this time and to watch the spiritual unfolding that is


Honor Your Mother

taking place on the planet. Our mothers gave us this gift and opportunity. Regardless of our relationship with our birth mother - good or otherwise, we are alive because of them.  Part of our personal transformation is doing the inner work of forgiveness.
Here is my story.

Blessings, Caroline



Mother Teresa

One of my spiritual heroines is Mother Teresa. My daughter Erica, at the age of 19 had a private audience with Mother at her hospital and Ashram in Calcutta India. Her experience with Mother moved me deeply. Remember what Mother Theresa said, "Small things you do for God with love."

Then my friend shared a letter that she received from Mother Teresa in 1989 just after Mother's heart attack. As busy as she was, she took the time to reply to Gloria's get-well card.

 Gloria is now a very accomplished author and angel sculptress.

Take a look at her wonderful work and for more special sayings by Mother Theresa.


The Life of Mother Theresa

The Life of Mother Theresa

I recommend this wonderful DVD

Biography - Mother Teresa: A Life of Devotion


Great Ladies in New Orleans

On our recent trip to New Orleans we were hosted by two wonderful women; Michele Jacobs



of Michaul's Restaurant and Bonnie Broel owner of the House of Broel on stately St Charles Avenue. Both touched our lives in many ways. If you

House of Broel

House of Broel

are looking for a fun place to enjoy Mardi Gras next year, consider Michaul's and if you're looking for a great read, you'll love Bonnie Broel's book "House of Broel - The Inside Story" which describes her life as a descendant of Russian Nobility, to fashion icon, local historian and then Katrina survivor. These two women are mothers and mothers to many. Their stories of how they have built and rebuilt their businesses and their lives are inspirational.


Spiritual Cinema Circle

This month's offering from Spiritual Cinema: Visions of a Universal Humanity: Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, together with some of the finest minds of our time.

Grande Drip
: Each morning, straitlaced copy shop manager Eric Jensen buys a cup of joe from the strip-mall coffee shop, hoping the cute, bespectacled barista will wait on him. When she does, he can barely muster the courage to say anything but his order. Will an eccentric, well-intentioned "regular" be successful in bringing the two together?

Please click
here for details and more information!


The Body Knows: Developing the Eyes of a Medical Intuitive

Hollyhock Retreat Center,


Nourish Yourself, Drink in Nature, Taste Island Elixir, Breathe Easy, Explore Connections!

Cortez Island, B.C
4 Day Medical Intuition Retreat Intensive

June 23 (afternoon) ~ June 27 (morning)

Join Caroline at Hollyhock, world-renowned retreat center, for a 4 Day Medical Intuition Intensive. Learn to see beyond the veiled layers of the body and to understand its mysteries. Through visualization, hands-on work, presentations, experiencing energy, and intuitive assessment with photographs and group sharing, we'll learn to use intuition to better assist ourselves, our families, clients and patients.

"Hollyhock may be the most powerful catalyst for progressive change in this country."
- Bill Roberts, S-VOX

A visit to Hollyhock, Canada's Leading Educational Retreat Centre, is the start of a journey, often a journey of a lifetime. Not for profit Hollyhock is an unparalleled centre of learning and connection that exists to inspire, nourish and support people who are making the world better.

The greatest gift you can give our world is the gift of self-care ~ here is

your opportunity to give back to you, your family, friends, loved-ones and the world at large.

For Details & to Register, click here!
Check out special lodging offer here!


Caroline Sutherland

Seeing Into The Body:
A Medical Intuitive Training
Lily Dale, NY

AUGUST 13-15 2010
9:00am - 5:00pm each day

Join Caroline Sutherland in this unique setting - Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale in upstate New York, for this 3 Day Medical Intuition Workshop.
Open to laypeople and practitioners who want to become familiar with how to use intuition to help heal.

Early Registration Ends: 7/15/2010
(Tuition includes an individual Medical Intuitive Reading from Caroline)  

23.5 Continuing Education Contact Hours for RN's and LMT's

Details & Registration Here


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